Community & The Environment

Kate is involved in governance for a number of organisations including the SLSNZ National Board.

Kate was one of the inaugural trustees of the Tauranga Environment Centre, and helps it establish itself in 2000 as one of Tauranga’s main environmental community organisations.

She is the Chair of the NZ Garden & ArtsFest Trust and also sponsors a number of local events and enterprises including the NZ Garden & Arts Festival, held in Tauranga biannually and assisting youth through donations to local sports clubs and school productions.

Obviously Kate has a strong interest in good environmental practices and feels that this is an increasingly important aspect for businesses wishing to be sustainable into the 21st century.

Kate’s offices keep to simple measures.  She chooses to work in offices with plenty of natural light and recycles and uses paper double-sided whenever she can.  Kate avoids the production and mailing of unnecessary paper copies and prefers to rely on electronic communications wherever possible.  She also encourages use of meetings via telephone conferences or webcam and involvement wherever possible of local expertise to avoid unnecessary travel costs.

These measures don’t just benefit the environment, but also benefit the overall costs of these services to her clients.